Ashley is a pattern designer, illustrator and ‘letterer’ who creates the most joyful designs. She has over 10 years’ experience in the design industry working across children’s and adult clothing, wallpaper, wrapping paper and greeting cards, through to branding and book illustration – not to mention lettering and typography. She now creates for herself.

the story

Ashley’s unique personality and positivity are put into every design where she creates cards, calendars, surface designs, prints and more. Ashley creates all illustrations and patterns by hand with either pencil or paintbrush and then mixes it up with vector and hand drawn images that are an absolute joy for anyone of any age. For me, Ashley shows how to use colour, print and type in the most unique way making me smile every time. So, whether you’re a big or small kid at heart, who doesn’t want a piece of joyfulness in their life?

In conversation withAshley

Laura: How did your journey start as an artist?
Ashley: I studied illustration at university but when I look back, I was always drawing as a child. I used to spend hours and hours doodling.

I have worked in-house as a designer and now I am freelance and I also own my own stationery and accessories business.


L: How would you describe/explain your work/pieces?
A: I always have trouble describing my style but I would say it was colourful, fun and illustrative.

What I really want my work to give people is happiness.


L: What’s important to you?
A: The most important thing work wise would be to create joy and happiness in others. Personally, it would be spending time with family, travelling and experiencing new adventures!


L: What are you working on at the moment?
A: It’s a busy time of year and it varies day to day. I wear so many hats that one day I could be working for someone else as a freelance illustrator to packing products for my shop…

I just finished up a Christmas card project but today I’m packing products from my shop, which I find quite meditative. And doing some Instagram planning!

L: What was the last piece of design, art, craft you bought and why and who for?
A: I commissioned a friend who is an artist to paint a one year wedding anniversary present for my husband! Matt is an amazing abstract artist and I absolutely love what he created for us!


L: What or who influences you?
A: So many things influence me… I usually don’t try to force being influenced into designing something, I like to wait for that spark of inspired action. One of the things that I do love and find that I get influenced by is interior design. It may seem a bit far removed from illustrations but the way that interior design can make you feel certain emotions as you walk into a room is something that resonates with my illustration work.